Hiring for Fundraiser

Hiring for Fundraiser

18 Oct
Bangalore Urban

18 Oct


Bangalore Urban

Job Description Join Greenpeace as a Fundraiser and get paid to talk about environmental issues and inspire people to make a difference!

The Role

The role of a Fundraiser is to raise awareness about Greenpeace Campaigns to people on the street, at public places, offices, on phone and at their homes and inspire them to contribute funds and become financial supporters of Greenpeace.


Develop an understanding of Greenpeace campaigns.

Make presentations and calls and explain Greenpeace campaigns to members of the public in a clear and interesting way.

Meet set income targets by signing paid - supporters for Greenpeace.

By joining the Greenpeace Fundraising team you get to learn about environmental issues and help Greenpeace remain proudly independent to continue its work for safe and green planet. You get to work with a team of committed and fun loving people.

Job Benefits

An opportunity to learn about environmental problems and solutions and raise awareness amongst the public

An opportunity to be trained in expert fundraising skills.

A chance to be part of a global environmental organization

Excellent career prospects with the opportunity to travel around the country

Good pay, incentives and flexible hours

A chance to work with a team of like-minded fun loving group

On the job training

Training is provided to all new fundraisers on Greenpeace Campaigns as also techniques in talking to people on the street and convincing them to become supporters.

Why is this job important to Greenpeace

Greenpeace does not solicit or accept funding from governments, corporations or political parties to ensure that we do not compromise our independence, objectives or integrity while we take environmental wrong - doers to task. We solely rely on the voluntary donations of individual supporters which our Fundraisers help bring.

Required Candidate profile

Qualifications We accept applications from people from a variety of backgrounds. A passion to work for the environment is always encouraged. Candidates must also have:

Ability to talk and listen to people and build rapport with a wide range of people

Keen desire to learn on the job and Greenpeace Campaigns

Energy and drive to inspire people and promote Greenpeace

Ability to work towards fundraising targets, accept and implement feedback,